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43 Organize Storage For Rv Living

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Apartment living can feel cramped and cluttered unless you make a little time for organizing and creating a feeling of spaciousness. Some simple tips can turn your cozy abode into a welcome retreat.

In small spaces, walls, fabrics and furniture in neutral or light colors provide the most sense of space. To add a little sparkle, create splashes of color in certain areas by using decorative pillows, throw rugs, furniture throws or wall hangings.

Decorate with furniture that fits the space. Large, bulky items immediately make an apartment feel crowded. Many items of furniture can also double as storage, such as ottomans that open up, bedside tables with drawers or storage trunks as coffee tables. Futon beds can double as sofas or sofas can double as beds.

Keeping an apartment free of clutter is also a key to making it feel larger. Use baskets or drawer systems where you can toss your items in and out of sight. Shelving systems against the wall can hold a variety of items. Store items under the bed in clear plastic boxes. Use removable hooks to hang up coats and clothing, or mops and brooms. Hang shoes on the back of the closet door or use plastic drawer systems in the closet


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