19 Cool Industrial Bedrooms For All Those Who Thinks Outside The Box

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Italy is famous for its love for fashion and it is the birth place of many world class fashion designers. In fact its capital Rome is termed as the Fashion City.

The bedroom furniture industry has really grown into multimillion dollar business attracting major players in the market and it is right to say that Italian bedroom furniture rules the pack; this explains why in any major furniture store, you can’t miss a stand indicating “ITALIAN DESIGNS” especially in the bedroom furniture area.

Minimal bedroom furniture set has essential elements that make it modern, for example elegant and functional shelf on each side of the bed, also the beds head board comprises of two reclinable and adjustable cushion made of either fabric or leather. The mattress size is of the range of 63 by 79 inches or 71 by 79 inches with a total length of 122.5 or 130.3 inches by 98.5 inches.

Just a concept of an Italian bedroom can be expressed through a bed made of the elegant Canaletto walnut finish, inclusive of a quilted leather headboard. A multi-purpose bed that is helpful when you have your guests sleeping over is the sofa bed; this bed is designed in a way that it is a sofa, and can be transformed into a bed, it is meant for people living in one roomed houses. The most requested for bed is one that was designed by M.Mazzer; it contains rich details of a tubolar leather headboard with 3 cylindrical elements that is covered in either leather or other fabric, also it has a bed table, dresses and drawers.

Just to compliment an Italian bedroom are the chest of drawers. These come in various sizes and colour, if you miss storage space, just add these and then you are good to go. You can store your underwear in these drawers. There is one notable piece that has a self closing mechanism with a shock absorber, thus no banging. There is a tall dresser that includes six drawers, this is not restricted to the bedroom, you can put them on hallways or living rooms, and it just is associated with the bedroom because of the European culture of underwear storage.

Also made in the elegant Italian designs are the wardrobes, made in cool colours that will make them stand out in your bedroom, with gloss finishes. They are made of hard wood and they vary in sizes all dependent on your option. They have mirrors, full length, to look at yourself after you have dressed. Drawers that are in built have a self closing mechanism.

The Italian designers have a wide array of bedroom furniture that caters for all ages and their preferences, they also provide a wide range of wood finish specifications that one can choose from, that includes shades of classic colours like wenge oak, light oak, grey oak, walnut, or one can upgrade to high gloss lacquer, leather or the superior canaletto walnut. This explains why they are a best choice in the World market


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