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Residents of the United States, and some other countries, are able to enjoy a service that is usually provided to them by the state that they’re a resident of. These searches typically allow the person who is searching to find out who has a warrant out for their arrest, and for what reason. If you are able to get through the layers of administration and red tape, the actual physical search is quite easy. However, the administrative side of the search can be so overwhelming some people give up before they even start. If you know what you are doing, however, it isn’t that hard…

It is important to realize the reasons why someone might be performing a warrant search in these modern times. Typically it is someone close to the person who is being checked ensuring that they know the background behind the person they’re looking for. It could be a babysitter, future employee, tenant, or even a little league coach or a neighbor who might need a little reassuring that the person is a good person. Whatever the reason, asking for a person’s criminal history or warrant history is not something the administrative officials take lightly. They will most likely ask you for identification of yourself as well as written, granted permission from the person with the record.

Even then, many times they will not allow you to perform the search online or through the mail, for privacy reasons. You’re also not allowed to ask that person about their outstanding warrants if their employment or their ability to be accepted as a tenant is contingent on the answer.

If you’re checking your own arrest warrant status, there are a couple of issues you will run into. First, a Private Investigator is an incredibly expensive service, and typically they’ll head home, jump on their computer, and go to the exact same site that you can go to, for a lot less of a price, and sometimes even for free, as you can also view warrants from around the country.

Which brings us to the last problem associated with trying to go to the courthouse all by yourself – you’ll actually end up paying more in “administrative fees” for the supposedly “free” services. If you want a free search, you should try one of the commercially available options. They will allow you to search for free and you’ll only end up paying if you actually find the person and the record you’re looking for.


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