49 Elegant Outdoor Deck Designs For Your Backyard

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Outdoor lighting options for your backyard beginning with solar lighting that are battery operated, emit a soft glow for many hours and rely on the power of the sun. Usually no wiring is required, and they are automatically turned on at dusk with up to 10 hours of light when dark. The bright-white LED lights offer nighttime security and long-lasting, energy-efficient use.

Illuminate your yard or garden areas with stainless steel solar lights for durability or use the decorative plastics that are inexpensive or a nice copper or aluminum style to bring elegance and character that blends easily with your backyard decor.

Light your path or create a spectacular light show around a decorative piece in your garden to start with and add as many clusters or lines of lights to bring new life and form to your backyard living area. The stake solar lights can be grouped in one area to bring attention to a special place or plant in your garden. At the same time set the mood with additional solar path lighting, umbrella lights, fence post lights or strings of lights placed in a favorite tree or a cedar box planter. Placing the solar lights along a path is the most common use of the stake solar lights, but you can bring it up a notch by using them along driveways, in shrubs, over trellises, in front of fenced areas and near any problem area. Any combination of lights will add character and ambiance to a patio area, deck space or backyard garden.

To bring your outdoor living together your table umbrella can be lit as well with subdued lights to accent your table and to clearly mark your main area of entertainment. When setting the mood, keep the bright lights to a minimum and use them for the darkest areas for safety reasons. Keep the bugs away that may be attracted to your decorative lights with bug repellant spray or citronella candles if needed.

Outdoor solar lights feature a water-resistant design and can be reused year after year with just a little bit of maintenance. Normally if you have severe cold winters, a good rule of thumb to follow is to remove them from your backyard areas, clean them, remove batteries and store in a dry place until spring arrives. This should guarantee many hours and days of beautiful glowing lights to enjoy while you sit and relax at night enjoying the stars and a cool beverage this summer.


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