19 Spacious Place Big Ideas Tiny Bathrooms

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A big, spacious bathroom is a luxury that many people would like to have. However, the reality is, in most cities, apartments are built with small bathrooms to make room for the other rooms in the house. Even if you have a moderate sized bathroom, the wrong decorating can easily make the space look smaller than it really is.

With the right decorating tips and space planning, you can make a tiny bathroom look bigger and roomier. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your bathroom.

  1. Paint the walls a light color. Light colored walls and flooring can make a space appear bigger than they really are. On the opposite end, avoid dark colors because they shrink a space.
  2. Open the shower area or if you want an enclosed shower area, use a clear enclosure. Partitions can shrink a space further, so an open plan is the way to go for small bathrooms.
  3. Use open shelves. Open shelves can make a space look bigger compared to covered cabinets and cupboards. Install shelves to hold the things in your bathroom without taking up too much precious space.
  4. Choose plain white toilets, tubs and sinks and chrome fixtures. It helps to keep the colors light and minimal.
  5. Avoid clutter. Clutter in a bathroom can make it look messy and overcrowded. Have a place for every object in your bathroom. If you can’t make space for it, then you might want to get a storage for those objects outside the bathroom.
  6. Install a big mirror. Mirrors can create the visual illusion of a bigger space. Putting a mirror in the bathroom is a must.
  7. Windows not only improve ventilation, but they can also make the space look less constricting.
  8. Bright lights. A well-lighted room will look bigger than a poorly lit one. White light is preferred over yellow light for bathrooms.
  9. Install an exhaust fan. The trouble with small bathrooms is that it can easily gets foggy after a warm bath. Smells also stick around longer when there’s no way for it to get out. Having an exhaust fan can vastly improve circulation in your bathroom.


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