45 Amazing Uses For Old Pallets

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A timber pallet recycling business is a business idea that is surprisingly easy to get started, and can be rather profitable as well. You will not need to spend a lot of money to get your business running, because you will not need a lot of expensive equipment. In fact, you might be rather surprised by just how viable a business idea this actually is.

To get your pallet recycling business up and going you will need a few items. Obviously you will need a pick-up truck, but you will also require a few tools, such as an electric drill, for instance. You will also need protective work gloves, a hammer, and plenty of nails. If your truck needs it, you might have to build up its sides. This will enable you to transport more pallets at a time. Since you want to keep costs to a minimum, it makes sense that you should be able to carry as many second hand timber pallets as possible each time you make a trip. This will keep fuel costs down, save you time, and ensure that more of the profits end up in your pocket.

Sourcing timber crates could not be easier. You will find them readily available at many department stores, shopping malls, factories, manufacturing concerns, and so on. Once you find a source all you have to do is approach the owner or manager. They are quite likely to be very happy to have you remove their old pallets for them at no cost to themselves. While you have the manager or owner’s attention, offer to collect their old pallets on an ongoing basis. This will help to ensure a working relationship between you and the business which will translate into a monopoly for you, since they will not be inclined to let any competition you may have remove their old pallets instead.

Collecting the second hand timber pallets is just one aspect of the pallet recycling business. Once you have them in your possession you will need to sort through them. This is because people usually purchase pallets according to the size that they want. When you receive your crates, stack them according to size as this will make it far easier for you when it comes to delivering a specified size of crate to a customer.

Another issue to consider is repairing crates that are damaged. Timber crates are great because they are easy and quick to repair. None of the pallets you recycle should be damaged, so make sure that you have the tools and supplies you will need so as to be able to remove and replace damaged planks.

Of course your business is only going to succeed if you are making money from your pallets. This means that you need to sell them. Get in touch with companies in the area that use timber pallets and inform them that you have second hand timber pallets for sale. Depending upon the size and the condition of the crates, you could make as much as $4 each. Although this might not sound like much, consider the fact that there are many companies that will purchase as many as 100 pallets from you per week! The more companies like that you work with, the more money you will make


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