47 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Windows

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It’s that time of year again. Time to organize and take control of our homes by way of a little thing called “spring cleaning”. The words alone can stir up anxiety because it elicits thoughts of wading dust and junk. Spring cleaners tend to have a big problem with windows. Whether you came across an old set in your basement, or are looking to replace your current ones, windows can be reused in creative and beautiful ways. Here is a list of the most crafty and clever ways to reuse old windows:

1. Old Window Picture Frame

Old photographs and old windows seem to be two things people simply just do not know what to do with. Why not combine the two to make an awesome picture frame? The more panes the better, as it means you can fit more photos! These picture frames are great as they add a vintage flair to any home, while also giving you a place to display your memories. All you need is an old window frame, glue or tape and decorative paper.

How To: This project is so simple! All you have to do is carefully turn the frame over so it is face down. Attach your photos to the back of the panels and secure them using glue or tape. If your window has a few large panels, rather than a bunch of smaller ones, you may want to use the decorative paper to fill in space around the photos. This will provide a nice, colourful backdrop. Secure your frame using weight appropriate wall hangings and brighten up your home with memories!

2. Old Window Jewelry Display Rack

Where is your favourite necklace or watch sitting at this very moment? In a drawer? In a box? Using an old window, you can create a jewelry display rack which will provide space to hang your favourite pieces. The display rack allows you to turn your jewelry into a decorative item, and may add colour and beauty to your bedroom or bathroom.

How To: Using a hot glue or staple gun, secure fabric of your choice to the back of each old window panel. Secondly, pick out the hooks you want to use for your jewelry – style and size is totally up to you! Secure the hooks in place to the front of your window using screws. The fabric pieces we attached make a perfect place to secure your earrings. Simply pierce the fabric with the earring posts and you’ll never lose an earring again!

3. Old Window Coat Rack

Similar to converting a window into a jewelry rack, heavier windows may also be used to support jackets and hats. An old window coat rack is great for any home because it makes for an eye-catching entrance, imprinting an amazing first impression on your home. Any type of window can be made into a coat rack but I say, the more panes the better, as it will allow you to add your own little flair by adding photos, fabric, glass, or any decorative pieces.

How To: You may want to start off by painting your window first – this will add extra flair and colour to the room. However, if you choose to paint the window be sure to sand away any cracked edges and splinters. Line C or S- shaped hooks along the bottom of the window, and secure with screws. If you’re feeling really adventurous, using antique doorknobs instead of screws will give the rack an even more vintage feeling. When you’re ready to hand the rack, be sure to use hardware which can support the weight. And voila, now you’re ready to hang your hat and relax!

4. Old Window and Fabric Headboard

If you want to think really outside the box, using an old window as a headboard is an extremely creative and beautiful way to reuse your windows! The windows provide a cottage feeing and take up the right amount of space to produce a sense of comfort. To do this all you need is, one or two old windows or window frames depending on the size of your bed, fabric of your choice, fabric scissors, staple gun or hot glue gun and pliers.

How To: If your old windows still contain glass, very carefully remove them. Try your best to pop them out, and wearing gloves remove any remaining shards of glass, metal or nails using your pliers. You may choose to sand the window frames down as well. Secondly, attach a fabric of your choice, print side down to the back of the window frame. You will want to make sure you pull the fabric as tight as possible, to avoid crease and droops. Securing the fabric is done using either the staple or glue gun. If you want to add more of a pop, you may want to alternate fabrics between panels, depending on how many panels your window frame has. Now turn the frame over, hang it over your bed and you have a brand new room!

5. Old Window Chalkboard

If you need to spruce up a kid’s room, or simply need a new means of keeping organized, the old window chalkboard is perfect! It’s so easy – not to mention creative and versatile!

How To: Thoroughly clean the window glass to remove any dirt which may cause unevenness. Using chalkboard spray paint, cover all glass surfaces. Wait for the paint to dry, and you’ve got yourself a new chalkboard! For a little something extra, you may choose to paint the window frame, or you may apply decorative stickers to the window, and remove when the paint has dried to create fun shapes.

6. Old Window Pot Rack

To me, a beautiful kitchen is defined by a hanging island, which holds pots and pans. I love having my kitchen tools out in the open, ready to be put to work. The old window pot rack combines the ease of organization with the beauty of a vintage, conversation piece. Since pots and pans can be a little heavy, you’ll want to make sure your old window frame is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the dishes. If the wood is too thin, dry, or rotting, you may have a problem down the road when your frame gives out and you’re left to clean up the mess!

How To: Once you have found yourself a strong and sturdy window frame, you may choose to varnish or paint it. Once the paint dries, attach hooks to the front of the frame which are large enough to hold the dishes you wish to hang. Remember to add the hooks to the nicer side of the window, as this will be on display. On the reverse, attach hooks and strong chains to each of the four corners – this will be the ceiling support for your rack. Attach the chains to the ceiling, making sure everything is properly anchored. You’re done! Now hang your pots and pans and cook yourself a celebratory dinner!

7. Old Window Tabletop

If you have an old window with the glass still in tact, you may have unknowingly saved yourself some money on a new coffee table! An old window can be used to create a unique and vintage looking coffee table, which creates an amazing center piece for any living room. All you will need is some paint or varnish, painter’s tape, a paintbrush or small roller, screws, a drill and putty.

How To: Before you start painting the frame, sand it down to remove any cracks or splinters. Next you will want to line the glass with painter’s tape, since we want the windows to remain clean for display. After your paint has dried, you will want to dismantle the top from the coffeetable you want to fix up. Place your frame on the table bottom, sandpapered and painted side up, and carefully drill the frame into place. For a more authentic and rustic look, leave the screw heads exposed. Otherwise, you may want to drill a little deeper and fill in the gaps with putty. Once everything has dried, sand it out and paint it over with your colour of choice. Now invite your friends and put your new table to work


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