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49 Amazing Diy Denim Ideas

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Are you bored of wearing plain white sheet of cloth every time you cook at your kitchen? Or are you getting tired of taking off hard stains from your apron? Well, your dilemma is over since you can now cook in style with. You can now dispose off those plain cloth that you are wearing since there are more styles of apron available for you to use nowadays.

The use of an apron when cooking is used to protect your shirt from stains that you might get from cutting ingredients or hot oil that might splash out from a hot pan. If you don’t want to get stained as you prepare your food in your kitchen, you must therefore invest in buying your own.

This article will help you look presentable even when you are sweating immensely at your kitchen. This will give you ideas on how to make a classic smock. Here is one of many sample designs that you can use.

Creating Vintage Denim Pattern Apron Style

This is another retro look that is not often used but can be really stylish. Not many people might be aware but denims can be a great material for a cooking smock. You can recycle or use your old jeans for this (this can even be a great alibi to vacate your closet from those old jeans).

1. Choose an old pair of jeans. Then, measure your desired length and cut the jeans in that specified length.
2. Next, open the pants leg out by cutting the seam.
3. Cut the denim with the width you want for your chest and then narrow the width down to your desired waist.
4. Fold the leg in half. Trim all edges evenly and clean the bottom with a good curve. (You can also try for another shape, if you like).
5. Trim all the edges of the bottom and sides using a bias tape, this will give your project a nice clean look.
6. Lastly, put on the straps. You can use lace or ribbon; just make sure you stitch it securely.

You can now use your very own denim-styled apron to cook with style and functionality


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