47 Simple And Creative Ideas Of How To Reuse Old Doors

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Most doors are fitted with hinges that serve a dual purpose of holding the door in place and opening it when needed. They do not undermine the charm of doorknobs. Initially doorknobs were raised mounds that allowed people to open and close doors without any inconvenience. A number of people are opting to replace old doorknobs with modern designs because they are fitted with a latching mechanism as well.

Since doorknobs offer a single contact point, it may be difficult for youngsters and elderly persons to operate them. For this reason, many families prefer to replace the old doorknobs with modern easy to operate hinges. These prove to be feasible to all family members. Some opt to replace old doorknobs because they may not match the contemporary home decor. When replacing old doorknobs it is important to hire professionals. An unskilled worker may cause the wood to crack while removing the doorknob. This can render the door useless and people may need to replace it entirely.

When replacing old doorknobs with new latching systems, it is important to fit the new systems in the same place as the old. This prevents people from identifying distinct carpentry work. It is advisable to check the value of old doorknobs before disposing them. These doorknobs may be highly valued antiques. Old doorknobs may also need to be replaced in case they lose traction. In such instances, they may not resume their initial grip, in spite of tightening the screws around the knob. This increases the risks of ripping apart a block of wood between the doorknobs on either side, due to the excessive force used to operate the door. In order to prevent such untoward events, it is advisable to replace the doorknobs before a faulty doorknob causes irreversible damages to the door


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