48 Contemporary Living Room Interior Designs

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On top of my desk, were several paperback books. I surveyed them from the contemporary living room sofa, leaning back to fully see all the titles. All were the latest bestsellers, but my tasted ran the gamut from non-fiction inspirational stories, to fictional techno-thrillers, to historical biographies. Like the airings on television, none of the books struck my fancy. I had already read them all and did not relish the thought of rereading even a lackluster novel in the middle of the night. It seemed that that night, the television and books offered no entertainment or diversion from my wakeful state.

Click. News rebroadcast. Click. Recycled 1950’s cartoon. Click. Late movie. Click. Off the air. Click. Mixer infomercial. Click. “Get rich quick” scheme. Click. Loose weight quick. Click. Off.

The television stared back like a siren, tempting me away from my contemporary living room and work. Its darkened surface reflected my bleary-eyed visage. Another sleepless night spent furniturehopping. Alternating between my bed and the contemporary living room . My bedroom was strictly for sleeping, and it lacked the television as well as the desk and contemporary living room sofa that could be found downstairs in the contemporary living room. Lately, however, the only use my bedroom got out of me was my tossing and turning, futily trying to embrace the ever elusive Sandman.

Why was I up so late? Or was it early? My fatigue grew, and I could feel my eyelids drooping, but there was still enough wakefulness in me to keep me awake. How could I hope to get any work accomplished on my cherry home office when it felt that my brain had gone to sleep?

The living room also served as my home office, and along the same wall as the entertainment center stood my desk and contemporary living room sofa. The contemporary living room sofa itself was a large, cushioned sofa with comfortable, overstuffed pillows. It was comfortable enough to have long since replaced the old, ratty recliner and sofa that had once occupied the living room. Sitting in the contemporary living room sofa, I logged on to the computer. The clock in the corner of the screen glared the hour – 3:30am.

Turning my body in the contemporary living room sofa, I now again faced the entertainment center again and once more, picked up the remote control. For some reason, of all the furniture in the contemporary living room, I seemed mindlessly drawn to the television like a moth to a flame. The television was an activity my wakeful body could partake in even while my mind slept on. Remembering that my computer was still on, I spun in the sofa and shut it down. If for no other reason than to keep the screen-saver from distracting me from the television. Then I had a thought. Just before I shut down the computer, I changed my mind, and instead, turned off the television. I set Windows on the computer to preview the dancing sticks screen saver, and leaned back in the contemporary living room sofa to watch. Oddly, I found myself enjoying it more than anything that had been on television


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