Wonderful Glamper Camper Trailer Remodel30
Wonderful Glamper Camper Trailer Remodel30

34 Wonderful Glamper Camper Trailer Remodel

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There are several choices of towable campers: travel trailers, fifth wheel campers, toy haulers, hybrid campers and pop up or tent campers. The camper that best suits you will vary from person to person. Here are several things to consider when choosing your camper:

Depending on the kind of tow vehicle you have will help to determine whether you can pull a fifth wheel camper or if you must buy a bumper pull camper. One of the first things that you really have to take a look at is how much weight can your tow vehicle pull. Once you have determined this, it may eliminate many campers and help to narrow your decision.

Remember that the dry weight (unloaded) of the camper does not include any water or cargo weight. If you are going to haul water, keep in mind that water weighs 8lbs per gallon. That can really add up quickly! When possible, fill your fresh water tank at your camping location.

Also dump your waste water tanks at your camp ground if they offer that service. With water weight and cargo weight, you can expect to add an addition 500-800lbs to the dry weight of your camper. Allow for that extra weight when figuring the total weight of the campers you are considering.


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