38 Diy Garden Lantern Ideas

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There are many types of garden lanterns. There are D.I.Y. (do it yourself) lanterns, Japanese garden lanterns, and everyday use lanterns. Many might say that they do not need to have any lanterns in their backyard, that it looks fine the way it is. They don’t realize that you can do so many things with the lanterns. You can light up a walkway made of stone or brick that leads to your shed, small pond, or just into the garden. They are great for decorating and having accents to your home.

Gardening lanterns are for everyone, give your backyard a little “pop” and use a Japanese gardening lantern. They are simple and yet elegant, giving your home a more relaxing vibe. The lanterns do not have to be restrained and be kept just in your backyard, bring them out to your front yard and accent your home with warm ambient light. Light up your walkways, your windows, even your driveways.


Just keep in mind to tie them down or someone might want to take them and maybe you’ll see your neighbors with “new” gardening lanterns. The lighting will depend on what type of bulbs you buy. If you want bright and clean white light, you will need to buy a bulb that can produce 6500k of color temperature. If you want soft and ambient yellow light, get a bulb that produces a lower color temperature.


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