42 The Most Popular Staircase Design

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If you’re in the process of designing a new home to be built you might want to incorporate a wrought iron staircase in the plans. The staircase made of the denser iron used to be used for old Spanish styled homes. It is being given a new life with the design of many of today’s modern interiors. The wrought iron doesn’t have to colored black although it does still create a dramatic effect for an entryway. The style of the iron material can be made simpler in design to work with light interiors.

A lot of the contemporary styled homes use the new open living room or family room concept.

This allows for a two story ceiling in a room which is now referred to as a “Great Room”. With this new open concept comes a larger balcony area to the upstairs that requires a railing. The look of the staircase constructed of wrought iron as it flows into the balcony rail is very appealing for contemporary homes. It also adds a contrasting look to rooms styled in white


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