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44 Decorative Lighting Design

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Give your home the right and best lighting effects to expose its elegant features and decorations. Lighting is very important to give your house the mood and ambiance you desire. Colors are reflected through the light hence a good choice of color scheme would be useless if the lights do not allow them to be exposed. There are different types of lighting that fit the area or location of your house and serves distinct purpose according to its kind. These lights do not only serve their functional purpose of providing illumination to certain areas to make it a better place for any activity.

They also improve the interior design and decoration such that they provide an intangible visual effect that complement to the overall look contributing to the best house atmosphere. It is therefore important to determine the type of lighting you want to install at a specific area of your house to make sure that it does not only effectively serves the functional purpose but also helps in showcasing the beautiful designs and decoration of its surroundings. These types of lighting are discussed hereinafter.

There are ambient lighting that are commonly used to provide for general lighting needs. This type of lighting is best displayed on the different areas of the ceiling. Ambient lighting has also different designs such as those being mounted in ceiling fans or surface fixtures. This is the lighting we usually see in a simple living or dining rooms. The accent lightings are specially resorted to when you want to highlight a specific home furnishing, wall, decoration, or area of your house. It is normally in the forms of sconces or spotlights. It is also commonly placed fronting the object or location you want to accentuate. Task lighting is instrumental in providing for necessary illuminating support in doing specific work such as reading, writing, or cooking.

The task lighting features a more focused type to ensure that the area is not just accentuated but it is highly illuminated to allow an easy and comfortable way of performing certain task. This type of lighting is commonly in the forms of a desk lamp or a pendant lights. It is also usually located in offices, desks, study tables, make up tables, and even in the comfort rooms. The last type of lighting is the decorative lighting. It is best utilized to provide more elegance and attitude in your home interior design and decorations. Its primary use is not really for illumination but more of a decoration. These decorative lighting are commonly accessories attached to the home furnishing designs


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