43 Awesome Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas To Perfect Your Home

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You wish to refresh your living room? Looking for inspiration? Check out the couple of arrangement propositions provided by the world famous interior designers…

Glamour and luxurious

Luxury never goes out of fashion and that is why it touches so many spheres of our lives. We can find its impact in special forms of clothing, homes or cars – absolutely everywhere. Main determinants of the style: vibrant range of colors, designs and accessories, are contemporary used in a fresh way by designers. In their propositional sets each room is unique in its own way, for it is complete in itself. Nevertheless, since not everybody is a fan of loud colors, designers have also experimented with soft ones. The textures proposed are varied and it is amazing how each one has fit perfectly well with the others (check the proposition of Altamoda).


Modern furniture designs have always given the art deco and the Victorian styles a tough fight. While the latter two represent aristocracy and high-end fashion, modern defines an individual, first of all comfortable style proportions and are extremely progressive in nature and eco ideas. Italian furniture designers (for example Tumidei) offer fabulous options for your living room. Clean design lines add a sense of serenity and calmness to the beige, brown and white color furniture. Simple yet stylish furniture speaks a lot about your personal style and preferences. Tip: put in a bright colored rug or a lamp and your room will come alive with its own unique character.

Contrastive – red & white

White is subtle and calming and red is intensive and energetic – composition of these two colors works perfectly. Obviously, not all the rooms can use them in the same proportion. Each room solves the balance problem in its own unique way. For example in small living rooms, the red should be rather used as an accent while in large ones it can dominate. Whatever the ratio of usage, one thing is out of discussion: the newest propositions of red and white compositions are awesome!

Art Deco

Art deco refers to a of style interior design which makes use of streamlined, geometric surfaces including furniture pieces with curved fronts, chrome hardware, mirrors & clean lines. The main objections about the extremely modern design of decor is that they can appear a bit too cold and sterile and can lack fantasy and creativity. But the sets of living rooms presented by Spanish designers (for example Mobilfresno Company) gain a fine balance by giving us a strong feel of the Art Deco style and yet retaining the modern look.


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