38 Simply Pool Deck Designs For Your Backyard

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When you have an above ground swimming pool, there are typically not decks that allow easy access to the pool itself. Above ground pools usually come with a thin side rail that on which sitting and standing should never be allowed. If you have an above ground swimming pool you can have your contractor build a pool deck. They can be made of various sizes, can wrap around the whole pool or a portion of it. The biggest thing to remember when constructing your deck is that you need to have access to the swimming pool liner in the event it needs to be repaired or replaced. The last thing you want to worry about if you are having issues with your pool liner is to have to deconstruct your deck to get to the liner.

Here are the different types of decks that are available. Talk to your pool contractor to determine the best deck for your needs.

Composite material decking: A deck that is make of composite materials are close to wooden decks but are made with a mixture of deck materials including plastic, polymer and wood. These decks resist rotting and are much easier to maintain than a wooden deck. Keep in mind that they are more costly but because of the lack of maintenance that is required, they pay off in the long run.

Concrete decking: Having a poured concrete deck is a popular choice and is one of the most affordable. You can also have a concrete deck molded and designed in many ways. Also, if you choose concrete you can pick from myriad colors in which to have it dyed and it can also be imprinted and it will take on the look of tiles or stones. If you use concrete in cold climates, be advised that it is prone to cracking and heaving (much like the roadways after a winter season)

Wood decking: This swimming pool decking material looks great and is affordable. You must keep up the maintenance on the wood though; meaning you need to apply sealant, paint or stain to keep the wood healthy.

Stone decking: As with concrete decks, if you choose a stone deck, you have your choice of colors and styles. Stone can be a more expensive option than others but if you want to have a deck that shows your unique style, stone could be the way to go. Also, if you choose stone decking material, you will give your outdoor living area a more natural feeling – blending in with nature.

Tile decking: Tiles are also the way to go if you’re looking to put your unique stamp on your deck and outdoor living area. If you decide to use tiles, don’t use those that are glazed as they can get slippery when wet. Tiles are a mid-priced option.

Putting time and thought into your pool deck can make the difference between truly turning your swimming pool area into simply a deck or an outdoor living space


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