47 Elegant Nursery Decoration Ideas

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A sound night’s sleep is an important part of health and well-being throughout our lives. Having a comfortable and safe cot/cot bed can make a big difference to your baby or Toddler’s sleep patterns – and to yours! A bed can be a focal point in any bedroom and whilst the feel of the mattress is important, so is the warmth, softness and comfort of your Nursery bedding.

Children’s interior design has become more and more of a focal point in recent years and many kids have become more interested in the style and design of their bedroom. A Nursery bedding set adorned with beautiful designs can make a real statement in a child’s room, or become the anchor point for a theme for the whole room, that they will love. A Pirate cot bed duvet set and quilt cover, will inspire their imagination as they grow and can be easily complimented with Pirate wall stickers, Treasure Map rugs or Pirate curtains to create a real Pirate’s den. A Fairy cot bed bedding set or quilt can be coordinated with Fairy cushions, Fairy toy storage or Fairy bedroom accessories to provide your little one with a fun bedroom theme. Selecting good quality and well-designed nursery bedding sets can spark off a wider theme for a room, whilst providing the comfort and softness needed for a good night’s sleep.

Kids from all age groups have their own tastes when it comes to decorating their room. Knowing how your child’s taste will change is a challenging job for every parent as their preferences will change with time. So we would recommend that you give some thought to decorating in a style that will last. Don’t jump in to decoration with well-known cartoon characters as this phase may pass. Look for more subtle and generic themes and mix and match colourful, themed bedding with neutral wall colours and removable kids wall stickers (that you can change in the future without decorating) to create your bedroom design. More subtle bedding sets like daisies or planes have more chance of being loved in three years than a specific cartoon character.

Welcoming a new baby into your life is an amazing experience – and everyone will tell you not to underestimate the impact it will have! It’s an incredibly positive time, but it will disrupt your sleep and so when you are preparing the Nursery, the bedding you choose will be important. Decorating a Nursery can start with the walls or the bedding – both are a great place to settle on a colour that you can pull through the rest of the room.

If you create a beautiful bed in your Nursery, you have a great foundation from which to pull together a style for the rest of the room. Whether you choose to pick out colours from the bedding set and repeat these in the curtains, kids wall stickers and bedroom accessories, or whether you choose to use a character like a plane to make a theme, a beautifully designed bedding set is a great place to start.

A baby bedding set can be a lovely gift idea, as it serves dual purposes: providing a finishing touch of elegance to their room, or creating a focal point for its design whilst helping them to have a comfortable night’s sleep. Choose from beautiful flowers, pirates, fire engines, fairies, planes, cupcakes and many more. Mix and match with coordinated kids wall stickers, toy storage, curtains, rugs and bedroom accessories to create a gorgeous theme your child will love


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